Thursday, January 24, 2013

...twenty-five weeks...

Crib bedding is finally in with all nursery fabric! I am so excited and look forward to finally getting Charlee's nursery all put together! I have taken plenty of before pictures and can't wait to take after pictures. Will post both as soon as nursery is complete. I am proud to say that Cory and my Mom have painted the nursery ceiling and walls! this point...

how far: 25 weeks
maternity clothes:  yes- I have a lot from my girlfriend Erica, but still had to buy some work pants. I am, without a doubt, in maternity clothes.
sleep: sleep is still very difficult . still tossing and turning a lot throughout the night. unfortunately, night is when my heartburn begins.
best moment this week: feeling all of Charlee's movements - turning, kicking, and punching!
cravings: still stuck on the sour kick- lemonade, grapefurit, sour skittles.. to name a few.
belly button: in
movement: moving more and more each day - loving it all!
I apologize about the picture. It is kind of hard to tell the progression with this white shirt on, but I promise she is growing!

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