Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Finally with the help from family and friends, Charlee is registered at Buy Buy Baby! This was by far an overwhelming experience for Cory and I. We registered for most of the big things together, then I went back with the girls to complete the registry. Keeping our fingers crossed that we didn't leave off anything major - now we get to look forward to Charlee's baby showers! If interested, you can find the registry on Buy Buy Baby's website under Caroline or Cory Cato.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

...twenty-five weeks...

Crib bedding is finally in with all nursery fabric! I am so excited and look forward to finally getting Charlee's nursery all put together! I have taken plenty of before pictures and can't wait to take after pictures. Will post both as soon as nursery is complete. I am proud to say that Cory and my Mom have painted the nursery ceiling and walls!

...at this point...

how far: 25 weeks
maternity clothes:  yes- I have a lot from my girlfriend Erica, but still had to buy some work pants. I am, without a doubt, in maternity clothes.
sleep: sleep is still very difficult . still tossing and turning a lot throughout the night. unfortunately, night is when my heartburn begins.
best moment this week: feeling all of Charlee's movements - turning, kicking, and punching!
cravings: still stuck on the sour kick- lemonade, grapefurit, sour skittles.. to name a few.
belly button: in
movement: moving more and more each day - loving it all!
I apologize about the picture. It is kind of hard to tell the progression with this white shirt on, but I promise she is growing!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

...twenty-three/twenty-four weeks...

So I am really not good at this blogging thing and it obviously shows. The weeks are flying by. We had a fabulous Christmas with friends and family. Charlee's wardrobe is well on its way - so many cute clothes! Below are weeks 23 and 24 pictures. Also is a picture of one of my very best friends, Jess and I - she is always expecting which makes this experience even more enjoyable ! Baby Keaton and Charlee are about 5 weeks apart.
Mom and Charlee are doing great! 24 week check up went well. Charlee's heartbeat was 151. I feel like I had another big growth spurt between weeks 23 and 24. I'll let you be the judge!